Cross Training Options For Dancers




Dancing is an incredibly tough activity for your body to cope with. Full body fitness is really important and cross training is a way to work all the muscle groups while providing variety that will keep you interested as well as dance fit. Check out the following blog post which runs through all of the options you have.



Cross training is just what is sounds like: crossing over to train in difference disciplines.  Cross training is often attributed to athletes, but it’s just as important for dancers.  “In dance, fatigue is a factor in 90% of injuries and overuse contributes to 65% of dance injuries. Fatigue and overuse injuries can become chronic problems that trouble the dancer daily. Cross training can help reduce risk of these types of injuries by balancing out the muscles of the body and providing relief to the muscles that are constantly worked.” – Leigh Heflin (MSc Dance Science).

Here are some popular aerobic and anaerobic exercises, but feel free to share how you cross train, too!

Running: Running is a great cardiovascular exercise that is cheap (all you need are some sneakers!).  Running strengthens completely different muscles than those used in ballet (this can be good to an extent, but over-development of the quads and calves may cause stress on a dancer’s hamstrings).  Since running on concrete can cause wear and tear on a dancer’s knees, especially if you run with turned-out feet, dance science specialists recommend cross-training on an elliptical machine to avoid stress on the joints.

Cycling/spinning:  Cycling is also a popular cardiovascular exercise, especially because many gyms now provide personal televisions on the bike machines!  In moderation, cycling can greatly increase a dancer’s endurance, but try to “seated” bike machines so that you can prevent curving your lumbar spine for a long period of time.

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My preference is cycling. If you want lots of good information on cycling and bike riding, check out



Male Fashion Rules – How To Look Good This Year



Noticed how men are getting in on the fashion act now? It is not just the girls that want to look great. Check out this excellent blog post setting out 12 rules to looking good.


Menswear is kind of a perfect playpen for fashion lovers: Whereas the world of women’s fashion can sometimes feel like the wild, wild west in terms of aesthetics—no boundaries, a million moving parts—menswear has set wardrobe staples and conventions for every day that are more or less universal, like a suit. As such, menswear is like a great sonnet—it’s how one plays within a set structure that really allows the wearer to show off his (or her!) personality.

Here are 12 style rules you can steal from the boys right now—complete with drool-worthy inspiration from the streets of Florence and Milan.

1. Aim for effortless.
By all means, never look like you spent hours getting ready in the morning. Leave something a bit rumpled; something else a bit un-tucked or un-buttoned. Don’t over-think things.

effortless menswear


2. Rocking one color from head-to-toe is seriously elegant.

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Some of these styles would work for me, but others would look pretty silly.

As always keep your eyes open to what is going on in the world and mix the ideas to make your own style.



Some Great Tips For Guys Who Want To Look Good While Dancing



Like many guys trying to bust some moves on the dance floor, I mostly look stupid, or at least feel stupid. I found this great post with lots of vidoes to step you through the basics of dance and puts them together to make you look great on the floor. Enjoy.


Guys who can't dance

If you really want to learn how to dance for guys, first you need to not care about how others think of your dancing, but also to have confidence. Here’s a pro tip on faking confidence: elbows away from belly, and chin up. Take a look around the club at the other guys who are stealing the floor, they most likely are doing these two things.

Now that you’ve got the confidence of a man who just won 1 million dollars, saved a baby from a burning building, and just successfully courted Angelina Jolie, it’s time to learn how to dance like a man.

It’s going to be awkward at first, but you should consistently practice specific dance moves until you can mash them together into a single routine.  You might look like this at first, but hey, as long as you’re having fun learning, you should get to where you want to be in no time:

…via How to Dance (for Guys) | Learn to Club Dance Blog


Now you know the basics, get out there and get your groove on !